The ROI of Good Lighting: Why Clove is the Smart Investment for Your Business

A healthy mix of natural light and artificial lighting solutions constitutes “Good Lighting”. Also, good lighting affects a person’s physical well-being and mental makeup. Did you even know that good lighting offers a host of benefits for the office workforce? Yes, in addition to positively influencing employee behavior, good lighting improves office safety and enhances […]

Does Office Lighting play a role in Business Productivity?

In the olden days, optimizing office spaces was limited to the proper utilization of space and performance. The science of lighting is a rather new concept, but in no way, less important. Modern-day architects consider illumination of work spaces as one of the most important aspects of office design, and for good reasons. Customized lighting […]

The Importance of Commercial Lighting for Businesses

The importance of commercial lighting for businesses cannot be overstated. Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a positive customer experience and fostering a productive work environment for employees. When done right, lighting can enhance the overall ambiance of a space, promote brand identity, and influence the mood and behavior of customers and employees alike. […]

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