• Spun 1.2 Mm aluminum With Metal Clad PCB for best thermal heat transfer
  • First In class Secondary optics with excellent uniformity ratio
  • Sleek and Tapered Conical form factor to suit functionality along with aesthetics
  • First in class with up + Down combination in surface variant
  • 1.5mtr Suspension with height adjustment.
  • Driver mounting inside canopy at ceiling.
  • DALI dimming compatibility

Color Option


InstallationProduct SizeWattageCCT & CRISystem LumenColorOrder Code
Pendant MountØ392 X 6630W4000K & 80CRI3000 LmWhiteDL14-PC40-3040-WHPZ
Pendant MountØ392 X 6640W4000K & 80CRI4000 LmWhiteDL14-PC40-4040-WHPZ

Technical Parameters Values
Lumen Efficacy 100 Lm/W
Illumination 100 % Down
Operating Ambient Temperature 0-45 °C
Operating Frequency 50 Hz ± 3%
Rated Voltage 240 V
Input Voltage Range 150 V – 270 V
IP rating IP20
Construction Details Spun Aluminum Housing
Diffuser/Optical material Imported HET Opal Diffuser
Light Source LED
LED Manufacturer Bridgelux
Colour Temperature (K) CCT 3000K, 4000K, 5700K, 6500K
Standard Deviation Colour Matching (SDCM) 3 SDCM
LED life with L70 criteria 50,000 Hrs
Color Rendering Index CRI > 80 or 90
Unified Glare Rating UGR < 26
Beam Angle > 90°
Driver Efficiency >85%
Surge Protection (kV) 3 kV
PF @ Full Load & Rated Voltage >0.95
THD @ Full Load & Rated Voltage < 5 %
LED CCT Binning ANSI Bin C78.377A
LED Photo biological safety report IEC 62471
Electrical Insulation Class Class I


Specification Sheet

For Specifiers:

Clove Make – CIRCLET technical decorative suspended light, Ø392XH66mm, 30W, 80CRI, 4000K CCT, HET Opal Diffuser, white powder coated. Total Lumen 3000 lux, 3 SDCM LED binning, ON-OFF switchable driver with constant current type, THD<5%, Efficiency>85%, PF>0.95, driver mounted inside canopy at ceiling. Aluminum housing, rigid PCB with SMD connectors, and with all accessories for installation.

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