Does Office Lighting play a role in Business Productivity?

Does Office Lighting play a role in Business Productivity?

Does Office Lighting play a role in Business Productivity?

In the olden days, optimizing office spaces was limited to the proper utilization of space and performance. The science of lighting is a rather new concept, but in no way, less important. Modern-day architects consider illumination of work spaces as one of the most important aspects of office design, and for good reasons.

Customized lighting solutions is an integral part of smart office interior designs. Lighting plays a huge role in complementing performance in an office setup, elevating it to a new level, and bringing out the true beauty of interiors. But what is the science behind good lighting? And how does it augment performance in an office setup?

Our experts at Clove discuss the same to give you an insight on why office spaces need good lighting.

The importance of good lighting in an office:
Office spaces are no less than a second home for employees. With an average of more than 8 hours of a day spent in an office, it becomes imperative for business owners to invest in every aspect of the space that is related to productivity. Many businesses make the crucial error of making lighting an afterthought. However, there are a few points that one can only realize when one dives deeper into the topic. A few of them are:

  • Choosing the right lighting: Not every part of the office requires the same amount of lighting. The importance of proper lighting, based on the particular area is something that comes into picture only with the help of an experienced architect. Brighter LEDs for well-lit work areas and conference rooms, ambient lights for cafeterias and recreational spaces, focused lighting in passageways, and even motion-sensor lighting for rarely used areas are just some of the pointers that can make a difference in the overall office environment.
  • Saving costs with smart lighting: Lighting, if not done right, can prove to be a costly affair for businesses, in the long run. Along with high electricity bills and frequent maintenance, bad lighting can also drain the business of valuable time and, in some cases, even lead to life-threatening scenarios.
  • Creating a good reputation: Corporate offices are all about impressing clients and creating an experience for them and the executives who work there. For such an important part of business, where reputation is at stake, businesses have to explore the ideas of designer lighting solutions, where there is a good balance between functionality and aesthetics.
  • Being environmental-friendly: Lighting solutions have come a long way since only being considered for their brightness. Saving on energy, as well as caring for the environment is part of every business lighting solution. Though it might be a decision taken at the very beginning, architects today are making conscious efforts to implement healthy practices in office lighting.

Lighting Offices with a Scientific Approach
Lighting solutions for modern offices has become a science. As mentioned above, proper lighting isn’t simply responsible for employee productivity, but also as business investment and the environment as a whole. Based on particular office setup requirements, architects need to study and analyse colour temperature, light direction, and intensity and the crucial role it plays in influencing the employees’ moods and circadian rhythms.

Based on R&D and our experience, Clove lighting experts work in tandem with architects to create the best lineup of fixtures for the modern office lighting infrastructure.

  • Employee mood and performance can be enhanced by providing light colours and intensity that mimic natural light. Clove Lighting’s solutions can ensure your employees experience the right amount of focus and energy during work, which aligns with their resting time after work hours. Through lighting, we create atmospheres conducive to innovation, collaboration, and decision-making.
  • Improper lighting in offices can create strain on the eyes. Through our lights, we focus on ergonomics to ensure proper lighting in office spaces that is evenly spread. We create a balanced ambiance, eliminating the need for harsh lighting, allowing employees to concentrate on their work. From the reception and conference rooms to boardrooms and personal offices, each space gets individually curated lighting solutions that enhance the interiors and the purpose of the room.
  • In a vast office, different employees will have different lighting needs. For them, Clove Lighting has dynamic lighting solutions that let you control the light of a specific surrounding, allowing the employees to be comfortable in the lighting of their choice. From quirky yet functional geometric shapes to the most efficient linear light fixtures, experience the next-gen illumination solutions that will bring class and elegance to your corporate offices.

Responsible Lighting solutions to support the environment
Being environmentally-friendly is the need of the hour, and the world recognises this need and its importance. In accordance with the changing world, all our lighting solutions are in accordance with stringent energy standards. Our lights are energy efficient and will help your business cut down on power usage.

For the past 15 years, Clove Lighting has been in the workspace illumination industry, providing lighting solutions that harmoniously balance creativity with functionality, to bring out the beauty and class in your corporate and office spaces. Clove Lighting has gained the reputation for being the best creative designer lighting solutions in Pune because we have evolved with the times and understands how lighting can have an impact on the interiors, the people working in those interiors, and the brand value it can add to a business.

If you feel your business is ready to join the lighting revolution and want to explore how we can help, get in touch with our experts today for a consultation. Write to us at today.

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