The ROI of Good Lighting: Why Clove is the Smart Investment for Your Business

The ROI of Good Lighting: Why Clove is the Smart Investment for Your Business

The ROI of Good Lighting: Why Clove is the Smart Investment for Your Business

A healthy mix of natural light and artificial lighting solutions constitutes “Good Lighting”. Also, good lighting affects a person’s physical well-being and mental makeup. Did you even know that good lighting offers a host of benefits for the office workforce? Yes, in addition to positively influencing employee behavior, good lighting improves office safety and enhances productivity. Now, with employees spending 8 hours a day at their workplace, employers have the responsibility of ensuring adequate lighting to keep their employees healthy, productive, and comfortable.

Good lighting at workplaces, which includes the right blend of natural and artificial light, is also beneficial when it comes to sustaining the job satisfaction levels of employees. Besides, you should choose premium quality artificial lights for their energy-efficient and cost-saving advantages.


The Various Benefits of Good Lighting in Offices
Here are some benefits of good lighting at workplaces:

Boosts Productivity: One of the best ways to retain employees is by nurturing a comfortable environment, where good lighting has an important role to play. It has also been found that well-lit offices record higher productivity levels than dim ones. More so, employees can focus better with good lighting because of less eye strain and fatigue, thereby reducing the possibility of errors.

Good lighting, which refers to an optimal balance of natural and artificial light, also controls your hormonal levels and circadian rhythms, leading to greater work efficiency.

Lowers Stress Levels: Good lighting positively impacts mood and reduces stress levels. Furthermore, by regulating the body’s natural circadian rhythm, natural light helps to enhance sleep quality and eliminates the risk of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Improves Health: Good lighting affects your health positively by stimulating the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone. This helps to reduce depression, mental tiredness, and overall bodily stress. In addition, good lighting can prevent employees from slouching at their desks, reducing the risk of postural issues later on.

Reduces energy costs: By opting for energy-efficient lighting solutions, you can bring down your electricity bills. Besides consuming less energy, good lighting illuminates the surroundings sufficiently. There are a range of efficient office lighting solutions available and you can choose the ones that cater to your needs suitably.

Assures Workplace Safety: Poor visibility can cause accidents at workplaces that contain heavy or hazardous equipment. You can avoid employee injuries and accidents at workplaces with good lighting. If your office has appropriate lighting, employees can avoid slippery floors and other potential hazards.

In a nutshell, good lighting creates a safe and productive working environment that improves overall efficiency and output, making it mutually beneficial for all stakeholders.


The Many Benefits of Natural Light
Exposure to natural light is important for humans. When we are exposed to sunlight, our body manufactures vitamin-D, which facilitates calcium absorption and increases bone density and strength.

Natural light also helps to boost energy levels and lower the risk of various disorders, including obesity, diabetes, and heart-linked illnesses, among others.

Remember, workplaces with inadequate lighting will have employees complaining of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), dry eyes, headaches, blurry vision, itchy eyes, light sensitivity, and eye strain. That’s why it becomes important to deploy the right combination of natural and artificial light to reduce the discomfort of working personnel.


Incorporate Natural and Artificial Lighting into the Office Framework

Window Covers: There are various ways of tapping natural light to make the work environment more pleasing for your employees. For starters, you can consider installing window blinds that are adjustable to suit your employees. Or, you can also install more windows to increase the amount of sunlight entering your office to reap its rich rewards.

Energy-Saving Lights: You have an array of durable and energy-efficient lighting solutions to take your pick from. Apart from energy-saving benefits, premium quality lights illuminate workspaces sufficiently, thereby boosting productivity.

Office Design: Check whether the office workspaces are near windows and how much natural light is coming in. Remove any office dividers and other blockages that are preventing the flow of natural light into the room. Doing so helps to brighten your office interiors further.


Ways of Improving Lighting in the Office
Here are some tips on how you can improve lighting in the office:

  • Take steps to prevent glare
  • Set up lights on individual desks
  • Add wall and ceiling lights
  • Install intelligent light systems that can help to detect motion to lower your energy costs
  • Pay attention to natural lighting
  • Put up blinds to tweak natural light suitably


Remodel Your Office Interiors with Sustainable Lighting Solutions
So, we have seen that the benefits of good lighting are manifold. Be it improving productivity or fostering a comforting work environment, good lighting goes a long way in driving the desired results. Clove Lighting offers a variety of artificial lights that can increase the aesthetic appeal of your office to both attract talent and entertain customers.

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