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About Us

About Us

Crafting Wellbeing Through Design

A Comprehensive Perspective

Clove’s core purpose revolves around crafting exquisite environments, harnessing the art of lighting design to evoke profound emotions that enhance the human condition. Our approach revolves around placing individuals at the heart of our creative endeavors, considering their emotions, aspirations, and, above all, their overall wellness. Clove’s designs, characterized by their elegance, sensuality, and universal appeal, communicate a language of sentiment that forges a profound connection between us and the world around us.


Enhancing Lives Through Enhanced Spaces

At our core, we acknowledge interior design's pivotal role in nurturing a culture of well-being. The exceptional design has the power to cultivate a profound sense of beauty and harmony, fostering an environment where we not only feel good but also live more fulfilling lives. We empower design professionals with the means to craft spaces of beauty and joy, adaptable to any situation or era. Our pursuit is rooted in the creation of universally meaningful and indispensable designs, ones that leave a lasting, positive imprint on humanity's collective experience.


Elevating Design Beyond Illumination

Our ambition extends far beyond the conventional boundaries of lighting. We aim to revolutionize contemporary lighting by embracing a fresh, all-encompassing perspective that transcends the mere presence of light. We introduce a holistic vision that seamlessly integrates materiality, composition, and spatial utilization into the equation. We firmly hold the belief that it's the harmonious fusion of these four pillars of interior design that can authentically give rise to a profound sense of wellbeing.

Our History


August 19


Clove Lighting as a Standalone Brand, Speedy 400-Meter Curvilinear Project in Mumbai, Expanding business outside Pune region.
August 16


Enhancing Hyderabad Facility for Indoor Drivers, BMS, and SMPS Manufacturing (Elnur Solutions).
August 16


Expanding with Pressure Die Casting, Introducing Clove Lighting, and Achieving 2 Lac Sq.Ft. in Just 3 Months.
August 15


Launching State-of-the-Art Facility for Design, Testing, and Rapid Streetlight Delivery.
August 14


Launching Product Design, R&D, and Prototyping Labs with 2MN Sq.Ft. of Office Lighting in Just Three Years!
August 12


Manufacturing Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures, Expanding Indoor Lighting Supply to Top Indian Brands, Pioneering COB-Based Downlighters In-house.
August 10


Manufacturing of Lighting Fixtures of CFL Indoor Tubes for big brands
August 10


Starting Tool Room Operations, Focusing on Automotive Seating Component Supply.
Our values

Founding Principles Guiding Our Approach







Environmental Responsibility

Our dedication to conscientious resource utilization

Thoughtful Material Choices

Impeccable material selection results in exceptional durability and extended product life. We enhance our material utilization by minimizing thickness, eliminating the need for adhesives, and ensuring that each component can be effortlessly separated and disassembled.

Conscientious materiality

Flawless materiality makes for extreme durability and long life. We optimise our use of materials by achieving minimum thickness, avoiding the use of glues and ensuring each piece can be easily separated and disassembled.

Optimized Energy Usage

Our utilization of low voltage LEDs with exceptional lighting capabilities allows us to significantly reduce everyday electrical consumption. With a diverse array of control systems and a wide selection of lighting fixtures, we ensure efficient energy use for any configuration.

Design Anchored in Principles

Clove epitomizes enduring, fundamental design. Embodying timeless principles and values, the aesthetic language of our products ensures their suitability in any setting or era, ensuring excellence and lasting significance.

Design Beyond Light

Discover our collection. It will help you create unique projects.

Our Team


We take pride in being an Indian enterprise.

Being the sole originator, creator, producer, and provider of our premium lighting solutions, we proudly offer a diverse range of over 10 product series, a comprehensive portfolio comprising more than 100 distinct products, and the illumination of well over a million square feet of space. Our highly efficient products are meticulously crafted, benefiting from the extensive expertise of our dedicated team, all of whom are graduates of India’s most prestigious design and engineering institutions.

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